Caledon Rose Hunt History

The first Caledon Rose Hunt took place as part of the ribbon-cutting events for the region now called Caledon Prime on April 1st, 2006. Caledon founding resident Yuriko Muromachi was in charge of organizing the events, including the hunt.

Description of the original Caledon Roses from the old Caledon wiki:
The Caledon Rose is an extremely rare flower, only blooming for thirty minutes on this single day of the year. Nineteen (out of a set of twenty) roses were scattered across the two sims, and party-goers had to find and pick them before they wilted. Caledon Roses are limited edition (numbered and dated).


First Annual Rose Hunt Winners

(List presently incomplete)
Weird Duport - 1 rose (#19)
Puck Goodliffe - 1 rose (#12)
Chrystin Hathor - 2 roses (#11 and #17)
India Ingersoll - 1 rose (#2)
Seiko LeMay - 1 rose (#8) (?)
Kasmodian Nephilim - 1 rose (#4) (?)
Arienrhod Remblai - 1 rose (#5)
Dyne Talamasca - 2 roses (#3 and #7)

Over the years, a handful of Caledon's residents have volunteered to take on the mantle of organizing this annual tradition. As interest has grown, the rules were changed so that roses are no longer severely limited to one design per year so that more hunters can enjoy exploring the Caledon countryside with searching for their floral trophies.


(and team members) have included (list put together by piecing together old articles and conversations with organizers):

Yuriko Muromachi--1st

Denver Hax--2nd & 3rd

Elenabeth Portal--4th (with Vanessa Hamer & Zenmondo Wormser), 5th, & 6th

article here on the 4th

Jayleden Miles (with assistance from Aevalle Galicia and Wrath Constantine)--7th, 8th, 9th

Samm Florian--10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th (with Jayleden Miles), 16th (with Jayleden Miles & Aeval Fae)



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