Speirling Realms Side Hunt

 2022 Side Hunt

For those rose hunters who simply can't get enough, come explore the Sidhe OtherRealms connected to Caledon Speirling's Great Tree! The side hunt will be open from March 5th - 19th, so you have plenty of time to come hunt! 

(It is highly recommended to use the region environment settings to get the full effect of the realms! Also, you have to be close to the roses to get them, so camming to them or trying to fly to them won't work. ;-p )

To access the hunt, simply go to the Great Tree in West Speirling and access the portal at its base.

You'll find yourself in Elphyne's Gate Park, the InBetween that houses the portals to the three Sidhe OtherRealms.

Amidst the bright twilight and cool-hued flora and fauna, look close and you'll find a mystical rose and its keeper hiding in plain sight.

Elphyne's Gate Rose 2022
Elphyne's Gate Rose 2022

Next, find the Seelie gate to Hesperedion, the Realm of the Eternal Athenaeum and its guardians and keepers. The rose you seek is on the roof of the tower, guarded by one of the tiny Drakeledones. Though it might sound easy, you face a daunting task. The tower holds a maze of stairwells, passages, secret rooms, and dead ends (a must for any mythical library!). 

Hesperedion Great Tower Rose 2022
Hesperedion Great Tower Rose 2022

Once you've won your prize, head back through the gateway to Elphyne Park. 

Find the Unseelie gate to Myrkrheimr to travel to the Underdark cave world that the Firth Witch sometimes haunts. (Careful not to enter the Shadow Sidhe realm--they tend to be vicious without warning!)

The rose you seek here grows only deep in the caves. (You'll have to accept an experience to access part of the cave system.)

Myrkrheimr Rose 2022
Myrkrheimr Rose 2022

If you've found all three, congratulations! You've proven yourself to be a master rose hunter in multiple realms!


/////The side hunt roses are copy/mod/no trans, so you can resize and adapt them as needed but have the ability to rez a new one if the alterations don't go as planned--but they can't be released full perm, so that's why they're no trans.///

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